What's the Secret Sauce to Enhancing Engagement?

28 September 2020

Reading with your kid during their formative years (0-5) is critical for brain and cognitive development such as literacy skills, naming and use of expressive language as shown in the January 2020 study.

Parents want to read with their child, however some parents find it hard to compete with screen time with conventional standards of engagement

Conventional strategies for engaging the early reader include giving reward, giving praise, reading to them. These strategies do not work for all kids.

The secret sauce is in Children’s Command Books (CCB). A term coined by Dr. Chiamaka Agbasionwe, a pediatric resident physician. CCB are books with limited illustrations written in short imperative sentences. An imperative sentence gives a command or makes a request. We leverage children natural desire to tell and ask for something positive and beneficial - to enhance reading engagement.

A study published in xxx showed that children prefer books in why things happen and the causal relationship of actions. children are also interested in how things work including the parts of the body. The I Say, Book Series are practical books meant to show young kids how things work especially kids who need to see the isolated action attached to a word